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The following client stories are from my practice. All names and any identifying information has been removed or changed to protect the confidentiality of my clients.

Struggling Parents

Michael and Jenny came to see me because they were having difficulty with their 16 year old daughter. She was both kind and could also easily react by slamming doors or throwing things and would laugh at her dad when he explained how he felt, when she said horrible things to him. He would [...]

Joanna’s Story

I came to see Paul because my husband left me with 3 children all under the age of 5. I wouldn’t give hope of getting back together despite seeing how his behaviour wasn’t caring, I would always think it was my fault and craved a hug and let him spend time with me when [...]

Kevin’s Story

We created our program because in our practice I meet increasing numbers of clients who look back at their life with regret, forward with fear and now don’t know how or where to start to make changes - often lacking the energy to do so. I’ve helped people ranging from 50 to 75 years and [...]

Michael’s Story

Michael aged 24 came to me after suddenly having an unexplained panic attack 3 months earlier as he couldn’t think of any reason why it had happened. He was on antidepressants and felt no better. Anxious all the time he wasn’t able to work and mostly stayed at home. What stood out for me [...]