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To become and remain a “Member” of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy means I have had to complete an Accredited, qualification in counselling and continue to uphold: The highest standards of ethics, Continued professional learning, Safe practice , Insurance and be able to demonstrate these.

Integrative counselling is built on the belief that people ultimately know what is right for their lives and with the right support, can: find answers, solve their problems and change. Also that no one approach is right for everyone. As an Integrative counsellor I have trained in a broad range of approaches to ensure I can tailor my help to meet your unique needs

Some people are looking to solve a single issue or find answers to a more recent difficulty whilst others are looking to change something far more deep rooted. Longer term difficulties and lasting personality change can take longer.

Knowing the right approach comes from: understanding how your difficulty affects you, how much time you wish to spend in counselling, about your personality and preferences to problem solving, what you feel most comfortable with and what is your goal.

Although not a science, after many years helping others, there are common factors which point in a particular direction. Ultimately we decide this together.

Everyone feels differently.

It is fair to say that, when we are used to being a certain way changing can be uncomfortable at times, until we change. Equally you may feel relief, have what we call “light-bulb” moments of increased awareness when you find your answesr and it’s not unusual for laughter or tears to be part of our work.

I can’t answer that as everyone is unique. What I can tell you, is that, I only want you to be with me for the shortest time possible and that I consider my work a success, the moment you no longer need me.

Although the time can fly by especially during the early sessions, counselling is like the tip of an iceberg, in that, we start a process together that continues between sessions. Very often it is only part of a session that makes the difference, we just never know which part until it happens – and evidence shows that longer sessions don’t help more. Couples counselling is longer because there are two people.

The best way to explain this is to ask you to remember anything you needed to learn from scratch or change. Maybe learning to drive for example. When there is too long a gap between, practice or when learning something new, you can lose what you gain in earlier sessions.

I keep your information secure and in a format which separates who you are from what you tell me. As part of our agreement I will never identify you to another person. I may though as part of my professional obligations share details of our work, without identifying you, when collaborating with other professional or having professional Supervision means I can be more effective for you.

If possible the best ending is one that is planned. The reason is that, many people find endings difficult and tend to avoid them. When they do this they tend to carry around “unfinished business” and which can replicate what has gone on in their life before and added to their difficulties. A planned ending, even when difficult, can pave the way for many positive changes and free you from regret.

Everything I offer is from scratch and tailored to meet your needs – nothing off the shelf. This includes my workshops, which I tailor and deliver to meet the individual needs in the group.

Most certainly. In fact, because I know that change takes time to bed in, you are always welcome to contact me to discuss any issues or for advice.

Also, all my work is designed to give individuals a format they can continue with, after I have left.

I don’t have a typical client. I equally enjoy helping one man bands, as I do large nationals. I spent many years as a partner working with 30+ staff. I will never take on any work which I believe others may be more suited to deliver.

For certain types of work or larger numbers I co facilitate. Only working with trusted and experienced professional who approach our work with the same values I have.

I am committed to ongoing professional development and regardless of the type of work, I have access to other professionals when needed.

I start from Caterham in Surrey. Although I don’t have a specific limit it is important I can offer you value for money. I tend to work regularly in Central London, Surrey, Sussex and parts of Kent. If you are outside of these areas, a quick conversation should establish if I can help.

My work forms a valuable part of my life and therefore I tend to weave my work and personal life together. This means I can usually be available when needed. You will often be able to reach me outside standard working hour

A with all my clients I am more than willing to offer you my opinion and tell you about how I can help on the basis, you only pay me should you go ahead.

I have an overall daily rate and which is the same for everyone. The only variation is the cost of travel and any other expenses that are specific to you.  As some of my work is spread over a number of part days, days, weeks or even months, I am always happy to agree fixed fees which are broadly in line with my daily rate. This ensures you only pay for what you need.

My workshops and programs have a fixed fee per person.

As I have access to a range of different types of venue I can run a workshop with a minimum number of 4 people. When you have less than 4, I can offer the same service in a slightly different format.

I charge a fixed fee per person. Everyone is charged the same fee.

This will include lunch and refreshments when they are available. The cost varies slightly, as some locations are more suitable than others for particular types of work and offer additional facilities.

I can design and deliver a workshop of your choice with a minimum number of 4 people. When this is a variation of what I already offer I don’t charge any extra.

I run regular workshops on a: Monday, Tuesday and Sunday. Subject to availability there is no reason why I cannot organise your workshop for another day.

I am paid to help bring about real “change” and not simply impart knowledge or teach techniques. Experience shows that much of what is learnt or practiced can easily fall away when a person leaves a one day workshop because they haven’t had a chance to integrate their learning, the work has been too superficial or not tailored enough.

Over two days it is possible to create the conditions in which others are willing to be more open, share what is difficult, challenge themselves, experiment with new ways  and work with others in a group at a deeper level. These are the steps to real and lasting change.

As long as I believe what you want is possible I can tailor a workshop. This might mean changing content, approach or reducing the numbers.