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If you own a business or manage in an organisation and are not happy with any aspect of: behavior, leadership, performance, co-operation, training outcomes, relationships or are concerned about the well -being of any member and don’t have in house answers, I may be able to help you.

I have over 25 years’ experience of owning, running and building a business from scratch and through two very deep recessions. From 3 of us to a team of more than 20. I know what it’s like to wonder about the next piece of business, the pressure of maintaining business levels, all about growing pains and the struggle to find and keep both good staff and clients. There is always someone willing to undercut you and promise the earth or pay more.

Build solid relationships with your staff and clients, inspire and empower them to feel part of “something”, give them the skills and support and they will build your business for you. Also your clients will see you as part of their lives and once they trust you it will be difficult for another provider to take them away.

I have both the training, skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals, whether you wish to build better relationships, reduce stress, improve your teams or support a staff member who is struggling and who needs your help.


People Problems
Teams Not Performing or Gelling
Respected Leadership
Effective Group Facilitation and Presentation
The Art of Communication and Conflict Resolution