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I’m an experienced counsellor with in-depth training in a wide range of therapies and many years of helping people of all ages both when in a crisis and with longer term difficulties. There really is nothing too big or too small to ask for help with.

What I believe makes the difference is that I’ve lived with and worked through my own anxiety and difficulties in counselling. For me asking was really difficult and I didn’t really know about counselling, it was more out of desperation. The thought of someone really seeing how anxious, low and how I was struggling to cope was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done and wasn’t who I knew myself to be. So maybe I have some idea about how you might be feeling right now.

Counselling with me isn’t an exercise in which I will diagnose you or think I know best for you. Instead I have a compassionate approach to whatever you have to say and is a genuine opportunity for you to come to understand yourself and your difficulties and with my help make the positive changes which will enable you to heal wounds, move away from the past or from difficult thoughts, feelings or behaviors, change in ways you hoped for and  find answers that are right for you, your life and relationships.

I provide a relaxed and supportive environment in which I’m led by my values and allow a trusting working relationship to naturally develop between us in the room built on mutual respect, genuineness, honesty and by working together. In this way you can feel comfortable sharing the more difficult parts of yourself and your life and I can support and guide you through counselling.

What Next

I know taking the next step and deciding if you want counselling can be a difficult one to take. Clicking into any of my services below will give you more detailed information. If you think I might be the right person to help, you are welcome to call me for an initial discussion before deciding if you wish to come along to an initial no obligation session. This gives you the opportunity to tell me about your difficulties, find out about counselling and decide if you wish to continue.

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