//Michael’s Story

Michael’s Story

Michael aged 24 came to me after suddenly having an unexplained panic attack 3 months earlier as he couldn’t think of any reason why it had happened. He was on antidepressants and felt no better. Anxious all the time he wasn’t able to work and mostly stayed at home.

What stood out for me was how he told me about his farther had passed away 2 months before his birth, that his mum had only just got rid of his clothes in recent times. Also how when he told me about his life he told me he rarely felt angry, avoided any confrontation and couldn’t remember when he last cried.

We never did find the trigger although it is possible that his sister having a baby in the month before his attack could have been an unconscious trigger.

What came from our time together was that eventually when Michael was able to start to question how he felt about his life he was sad and flopped and had no hope. He was angry and at times very tearful which surprised him.
Each time he was angry or sad he no longer felt anxious.

He had never had the opportunity to grieve and because his mum wasn’t able to talk with him about his father and share her loss he received the silent message that he had to bottle up his feelings. He had been desensitised for many years and by helping him into his feelings he was able to release his anger and sadness and no longer felt anxious.

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