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I run one and two day workshops and short courses on various topics. People come from all walks of life and no previous experience is needed, as I tailor the days to meet individual needs. The days are a relaxed mix of sharing my knowledge, discussion, giving and receiving feedback and creative exercises. There is very little classroom style time.

Being part of a group can be great value. Whether you like being fully involved or take more of a back seat you can learn much about yourself and benefit from others experiences and enjoy being with other like minded people who come with similar goals.

I keep the group sizes small to ensure you also have plenty of time to for me to answer your questions or help with any individual needs you might have.

I hold them at a various locations across Caterham, Banstead, Bromley, Central London and near to Gatwick airport.

Just click into any of the days for full details and if your’ interested and want to find out more, please just ask.

Three different one day workshops. For “parents to be”, and those with children 0- 10 years and 10 years upwards

I have designed these one day intensive workshops for small groups of parents who are struggling or for “parents to be” who wish to avoid future difficulties. You receive a personalised assessment, 7 hours of tailored help and can leave with a plan designed to give you approaches and tools to cope and knowledge and strategies to know how to build a healthy relationship which leads to positive behaviors and a confident child, who can fit in and adapt to rules and change.

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Do you suffer at home or work with: Meetings or discussions that go nowhere or break down, personality clashes, are not listened to, have strong reactions to others, feel misunderstood, frequent arguments or simply want to become an empathic and respected communicator who can best out of others, this 2 day course will be of interest to you.

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We can all tend to cling to what we know about ourselves and resist change because change can be uncomfortable and risky. This is a 2 day course designed to take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you in a good way.

Through a combination of: learning, creative exercises, giving and receiving feedback you will come to understand how your fears and judgments stop you from coping with change and being your best and have a chance to take a risk and be different in the room.

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During this one day workshop I will cover everything you need to know and often what the colleges don’t tell you, about your choices and the: financial, emotional, academic and practical aspects of training and becoming a counsellor. With the average 2 year BACP Accredited training costing £10,000+ in total, you could avoid making an expensive mistake.

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This is likely to be of most benefit to those who: Run groups, lead teams, train others, interview, chair meetings and both existing facilitators who wish to refresh their approaches and add “experiential” learning to their portfolio as well as those considering a career in facilitation.
This 2 day interactive course is about helping you build your: confidence, knowledge and skills, to enable you to work safely and effectively and suitable for all levels of experience.

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