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It is fair to say few leave this two day workshop unchanged in some way, having: Had fun, been challenged, enlightened, maybe a little scared at times, usually surprised and laughed a little.

One of the biggest obstacles to any business meeting its goals and people reaching their full potential is the “human” condition.

The natural drive for individuals is to: protect what they have, their image and often won’t trying something different, for fear of being judged, as failing in some way.

Through a combination of: educational psychology, dialogue, creative exercises, role play, and by sharing my knowledge and the giving and receiving of feedback, I offer you what can be a time when, you don’t just learnt about yourself but actually change and grow.

I create the conditions in which people can be more open, share what is difficult, challenge themselves, experiment with new ways and work with others in a group at a deeper level. These are the steps to real and lasting change.

Yes challenging but in a good way.

Moving out of your comfort zone is how you come to see “blind” spots, work through your fears and develop hidden or suppressed qualities.

Group sizes are typically between 4 and 8, which means I can give, individual attention to anyone who has a particular area they wish to work on.

If you would like to know more or think this workshop could benefit you in some way, I look forward to hearing from you.


Price:    £315
What’s included:    Free parking, lunch and refreshments and a pack full of helpful information
Where:    Near to Gatwick Airport.
Times:    9:45 – 4:45pm
When:    Usually on a: Monday, Tuesday and Sunday.
Your own workshop and other venues possible with 4 or more.