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Parenting could be the most: important, rewarding, frustrating and heart breaking job we ever do. I hope this day will give you the confidence to know how to repair or build healthy parenting relationships and correct any difficult behaviors or build their self-esteem and confidence.

I am a parent and also have first- hand extensive experience in my practice, working with the life- long effects of when parenting didn’t meet a child’s needs.

I have designed three intensive one day workshops. For parents to be and those with children aged 0-10 and 10 years upwards.

My workshop is not generic. Instead I carry out a full individual assessment before the workshop for each parent or couple and the day is tailored to addressing your specific concerns.

The workshop has a relaxed conversational style with a mix of sharing facts, ideas and guidance as well as practical exercises to cement learning and the giving and receiving of feedback.


You shape the day with your concerns and common difficulties mean we often cover:

  • How your  difficulties begin or for parents to be, how to avoid difficulties.
  • The difference between natural age related behaviors and attitudes linked to social and emotional development and rudeness.
  • When rudeness, rebellion, aggression or withdrawal may be masking a child’s inner struggle or worry they have.
  • What your  children need from you now and at, every age and stage. ( From pre-birth and pre-verbal)
  • How to  introduce healthy boundaries, rules, values and negotiating.
  • How to engage and support your children without over controlling or pushing them away.
  • How any tensions in the house are having a silent and yet direct affect.
  • How what you do and don’t do, affects children’s development and behavior.
  • New tools, strategies and approaches and a Plan.
  • What to expect next and how to cope.

If you think this day might be for you please call with any questions or to find out when I’m holding the next day.


Price: £55*
Where: Caterham, Bromley, Banstead,Croydon and near to Gatwick Airport
Times: 9:45 – 5pm
When: Usually on a: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday.
Your own workshop and other venues possible with 4 or more.

*The venue at Gatwick includes all refreshments, free parking and a two course lunch – £76.